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On this page I am attempting to answer any questions that have been asked anywhere on this blog. Leave a comment with your question and I'll post the question and my answer here.

Q ~ What do you have against make-up? I'm not allowed to wear it yet, but I just wanted to know why your family thinks it's wrong, if you already have a post on it, please just tell me were it is. This is just an honest question of mine, not ment in any offense of your family or their standards. Your blog is such a lovely blog and I enjoy reading it! Thanks again!

A ~ I am so happy you enjoy my blog & would be happy to answer your question! (I am never adverse to honest questions)
   First, my family and I have nothing really against make-up per-se and definitely nothing against those who choose to wear it. (As I stated in the post 'My Modesty Journey', I do wear lip colours.) But rather, what we are against is the spirit behind make-up; the reason that make-up exists.
   So, what is make-up for & what does it do? It enhances, and changes, one's appearance. What do we see on magazine covers, down all the make-up isles, and who knows where else? Pictures of people (mainly women) wearing all sorts of make-up in order to better their appearances.
   Many people are just not satisfied with the way our God made them, and use make-up to help change that. This is sad because God made each of us the way we are, how He wants us to be; and He doesn't make mistakes.
   Not everyone wears make-up for this reason, as I have a very godly friend of mine who does wear some make-up. Really, it is just what your convictions are before God. 

   No, I do not think that make-up is sinful. No, I do not look down upon those who wear it. But I do think that we should all be careful when approaching make-up and be honest with ourselves as to what our true reasons are for wanting to wear it. We need to make sure that our reasons don't go along the lines of, "I want to wear make-up because I am just not pretty enough", "Everybody else is doing it" or worse, "I want to wear it because I want more attention", etc.
Satan knows how easily we can be lead down that road. He want us to be discontent with our looks, and thus fall easy prey to these types of temptations.
   So, you see, make-up is just designed to change and enhance our appearance, and that is the vey reason we must be careful with our use of it. Did you know that some people use it so much that they cannot fathom a day without it? I would venture to say that this would be overuse & overemphasis on make-up; which could potentially be dangerous.

Q ~ So, I'm curious, DO you wear make-up now?

A ~ I do wear some pretty colours of Burt's Bee's Lip Shimmers - but nothing else. {My answer is relevant from 2015 forward} I did take a long break from wearing any lip glosses, which you can probably tell from my Pure Simple Modesty post. The break was necessary.


*this one is not exactly a question, but it begged an answer*

Q ~ It was a long but interesting post! [she is referring to my post, My Modesty Journey] I don't think I've had any "issues" with modesty as such.. I simply never thought of it, but still never wore the more immodest clothes. I've never liked the trends of skin tight clothes and mini skirts. I have some tunics that are too low necked, didn't think of it first but then just realized one day that I should fix them up to make them more decent. I often wear tight jeans but then with some tunic over them. Some people would probably think I'm immodest because I like punky stuff like black Doc Martens and such. I think there are many opinions about what is modest and that everyone needs to pray over it to find out what it really means to you.

A ~ Indeed, all believers must allow the Lord to show them what it means to be modest making sure they keep a teachable spirit and open heart to what He has to say. He has a set standard as to the meaning of modesty and, therefore He will not change it. He will never give an answer contradictory to His perfect Word. ~ Thank you for reading today!


Q ~ On your post, Determining What is Truly Modest, you gave your family's modesty standards. It shows that loose fitting jeans and capri pants are allowed. Do you wear pants?

A ~ No, I do not wear pants. A while back, I pleaded with the Lord to show me any areas that were hindering me from becoming the woman He wanted me to be, and He led me to rid myself of pants, never to wear them again. My reasons are because they are not modest, they are men's clothing, and I find them uncomfortable besides.



  1. It's so wonderful to hear different ways that the Lord is growing people! I say this in all my comments so I'll just say it again, I LOVE your blog!

    1. Thank you SO much, Summer! This is a real encouragement to me =)