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My ultimate vision for A Wholehearted Life is, and has always been, that it will be a place where followers of Christ can come and find encouragement and helpful insights.

     Main reasons I originally created AWL:
1 ~ To encourage fellow believers in Messiah
2 ~ To share my heart about daily struggles and trials
3 ~ To discuss crucial issues every Believer in Messiah should know about
4 ~ To expound upon character traits in which we all need to grow

As fellow members of one body (the Body of Christ = His Church),
I believe that we should take the time to encourage, exhort, bless, and lovingly reprove each other.
I hope all who read AWL will be encouraged in their walk with God & will be blessed by what they read.


Since creating it in 2012 (and having to drop it for the past few years), I've come to realize that my blog, AWL, can be SO much more!
It is a place where I can write to my heart's content about anything. Writer that I am, this makes me ecstatic!

And so, I have brought together a list of all the kinds of posts you will henceforth find here on AWL.

Spiritual Posts:
~ Character trait discussions
~ Life lessons I've learned
~ Articles on specific Bible verses
~ Online video teachings that I've found helpful

Photographic Posts:
~ My own photography
~ Inspirational Graphic Quotes

Writer's Posts:
 ~ Short Stories (my own)
~ Poems & Prose (both my own and ones I love)
~ Journalistic Thoughts and Muses

C'est La Vie Posts:
~ Step Into My World
~ Recipes

    Well, there you have my vision, friends.
I do hope you enjoy reading my blog posts!
Feel free to post any comments or questions you may have.

Oh, and by the way, it's SO nice to meet you! 

The Girl Behind the Blog

So, at last, here I am getting around to a true "about me" page. Who would've thought after nearly 4 years! So let's see - I'm 21, and I figure the best way to introduce myself would be through bullet point facts. So, ready or not, here are 21 random facts about me:

1 ~ I wrote a fiction/fantasy 2-book series that is currently being edited. I plan to have both books available on Amazon e-books! YEA!
2 ~ Health-Addict & Exercise-Enthusiast would be two great ways to describe me.

3 ~ Reading a 160 page book takes me 2 hours – tops. I LOVE to read!
4 ~ Incredulous, clandestine, ecstatic, and brilliant are some of my favorite words. {Yes, I have favorite words – I am a writer!} I suppose this makes me a bit old fashioned. =)
5 ~ I've taken Improv classes, and loved every second! Not only do they help with acting in general, but they helped bring me out of my "shell" of worrying about messing up in front of people. Very freeing experience.
6 ~ Although I am not gluten-free, dairy-free, or the like, but I love experimenting in those fields.
7 ~ I have severe wanderlust, and I'm saving now with the goal to travel the world! Or at least some of it. My top destinations are Ireland, Germany, Italy, & New Zealand (Middle Earth!!), 
8 ~ Frugality is an important part of my lifestyle. Mind you, it is “frugal” not “cheap”.
9 ~ Although a serious person, I love to laugh, and I laugh easily. Perhaps that’s why Studio C episodes appeal to me – I’m laughing for hours!
10 ~ I am an enthusiastic food-blog reader & baker! Chocolate-Covered KatieSally’s Baking AddictionMinimalist Baker Ambitious Kitchen are my favorite food blogs. And I follow a few good GF blogs as well.
11 ~ I have taken numerous photography courses for portrait, wedding, and food photography and loved every moment of them. Photographing people smiling is such a joy to me, and so I take our family & birthday pictures each year now.
12 ~ Doctor Who is fantastic, but if the drums drive you insane, and you end up on Mars and kill the Doctor – you may want to run for your life! For thousands of bow-tie and converse wearing, sonic screwdriver wielding fans will use the TARDIS to find you, with a battle cry of “Allons-y!” – At least, this is what I’ve heard….
13 ~ I could seriously be diagnosed with “Over-Thinking-Disorder”, if there were such a thing….seriously, sometime I drive myself crazy. I also have true OCD.
14 ~ Researching is one of my favorite things to do. I research nearly everything I find interesting, and apparently I retain a lot of the info I collect as I can tell you all about things I researched years ago but haven’t thought of since.
15 ~ I will always choose a film or TV-show over a game – no matter which type of game, although I do still like 
to play some games. {LOTRO, SWTOR, Battlefront, & AOE are great ;-)}
16 ~ I'm almost exactly half Introverted & half Extroverted (with a slight bent toward extroversion) I do love connecting with people!
17 ~ For the past few years, I've been the teacher to my youngest sibling. I started teaching her at the 
very beginning. It's so neat to see how far she's come!
18 ~ I consider myself entrepreneurial. Eventually, I want to start and help run family businesses, invest, and do what I love to do rather than sit behind a desk at a 9-5 job.
19 ~ Herbalism and Natural Healing have been two subjects of interest and study for me.
20 ~ My favorite tv-shows are either Crime Dramas or Comedy. I know, two totally different genres!

21 ~ The past 2.5 years (from 18 & 1/2 to now, nearly my 21st birthday) have been the toughest of my life, mainly for 1 reason: I took my life in my own hands and "Did It MY Way." Just a month or 2 after I wrote the post Did You Expect? I started a self-destructive, faith-destructive downward spiral that I am just now, at my 21 birthday month, praying and striving to turn around.

“Being remarkable isn’t an endowment, it’s sweat and tears and constantly showing up.”
Now, that's the synopsis of me, and now I'd LOVE the get to know YOU!

If you want to say “hi” – I’d love to hear from you either through comment, email, or through one of my social media pages:  Facebook ~Twitter ~ Google+ ~ Pinterest ~ Instagram ~ Tumblr


Note:   I am wholly thrilled if you enjoy my posts so much that you wish to share them. However, please do not just copy & paste my posts and articles. Instead, you may link to my blog page that you wish to share.
     Please know that provided you follow what I have stated above, I would be delighted if you would like to share my blog posts with others!
~ I appreciate your cooperation! ~


  1. My best friend just told me about your blog, and I just wanted to tell you that you have a wonderful ministry going on here! :) I am the same age as you are, and I believe almost exactly the same, from what I can tell. :) I am also Jewish by birth. Please check out my blogs! :) Thanks! I will check back as often as I can! :) Shalom!


  2. Thank you so much for your comment(s), Hannah! It is so nice to have you stop by. I will be checking out your blogs. Shalom!