Wednesday, May 30, 2012

GSH Series ~ Story 1

GSH Stands for 'God's Sense of Humor'

    This is the first post on the subject. Basically, each story under the title 'GSH' will have a short story about something that happened on some random day that made me stop, think, and laugh.

So, the first story....

    A couple of days ago while food shopping at HEB (just Mom and me) in the produce department, Mom was getting the veggies and I was supposed to be collecting a bag-full of apples. The apples we wanted just happened to be in the top crate of the fruit stand; to my utter dismay.
    I tried to reach the best apples (which always happen to be at the very top of the crates) while trying not to over-stretch myself so that I wouldn't be leaning over the other fruits in the lower crates. It was rather annoying to me, and I began to jestingly complain about my height to myself, "Can't reach the apples very well now, can you? This wouldn't be happening if I was taller. Lord, why did you make me short?" I was internally laughing at myself because of how I must have looked, and hoping no one was watching me too intently.
    A few seconds later, still getting the apples, I looked over my should and saw this extremely short woman walk by me (I mean extremely short, probably a little less than 4.5 feet tall). It was then that I really started laughing at myself. Here I was complaining about my whole 5'7" height (which isn't even classified as short, actually it is supposedly tall), and God brings along this really short woman to show me how ridiculous I was being.
    Needless to say, I was reproved.

    I just have to laugh at myself with this story! When I saw that lady walk by I could almost hear God saying, "So, you think you're short?" lol

Query of the Day:
    Have you ever had a situation of GSH happen to you?

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