Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Seeming Silence

Does God ever seem silent to you?

    I know, He has seemed that way to me before too.

    But now I realize it isn't God keeping silent, it's that I am either too impatient waiting for an answer, I already know His answer but want a different one, or I am too caught up in my cares and worries that I've missed His reply.

    Our God answers us in a few different ways, "Yes", "Wait", and "No, I have something else in mind." Many times I find that when God seems silent, it is really just me not listening. Or in a worse case scenario, it's me wanting a different answer.

    I am trying to listen to my heavenly Father more and to accept the answers He gives that I do not like, instead of just talking to Him.

    If I spend a good amount of time talking to the Lord, yet hardly listen to Him, it doesn't do me much good. True, I am talking to Him, but without listening to Him, I've missed something crucial.

    It is even worse when I listen to Him, yet choose not to accept His answer. I used to do that more often than naught, but now I am striving to accept whatever He says, because I really do want the Lord of Hosts to run my life - not me.

    I believe that our Almighty God wants to talk with us and reveal Himself to us. But He cannot do that if we never stop and listen.

    Something to think about.....

    How many of you like reading random posts?


  1. Good insights! I agree that sometimes we don't feel like God hears us or responds to us because we don't want to accept the answer He's giving us or that we're too busy talking to hear His reply. Thanks for the reminder to slow down, listen, and trust that His answer is the best, even if it's not what we'd hoped for or expected. Love you, sweet friend!

  2. Hello Mandie, You asked on my blog about were I got my signature. I will will have to ask my sister's about that. Because I do not know. :) I looked at your signature too. <3

    Love, Maria~

    1. That's okay!
      Thank you for your comments!

      By the way, I really like the blue rose picture you have on your blog ;)

      ~ Mandie ~

  3. I like the fonts you picked for your comment's!

  4. Wonderful post! Very convicting!
    Just found your blog, and it's really neat!