Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hidden Messages if We but Look!

When you talk to [or ever just look at] someone, the first thing your eyes make contact with is the other person's eyes.

  Eyes express so much emotion, yet oftentimes we never go past just making contact with another's eyes. But how much depth of feeling can be detected if we were to actually gaze past that person's eyes & into their soul!

  When I have actually gazed into someone's eyes, past the eye itself, it is as if I get a message from within that person. There have been times when I've thought, “Oh, she seems so kind and happy, I wonder what is going right in her life? Is she a Christian?............Yikes! He looks mad at the whole world, I wonder what has made him this way?............ That lady appears to be very sad. What could have caused her sadness?............ That cute little boy seems as if he hasn't a care in the world! I wonder at his joy..........” and other thoughts similar to these.

   Eyes are the windows of the soul. Everyone you see each day is either saved or lost. If you look past their eyes, into their souls, you might be able to figure out which group [lost or saved] they are in. 

   There are so many emotions our eyes express: worry or peace, joy or sorrow, anger or happiness, bitterness or forgiveness, indifference or compassion, friendliness or coldness, excitement or boredom, etc. etc.

   Sadly, there have only been a few times that I have actually looked past someones eyes & into their very self - I wish I could say that I've done it more. For when we do this - it gives us wonderful opportunities to pray!    "Lord, that lady looked so sad, please help her...... Lord, that man seemed so angry, help him through whatever he's going through....etc."
   Prayer is such a powerful weapon [or tool] and all believers should use it MUCH more than sparingly if they want their spiritual lives to become stronger! Praying for others [stranger too!] is a great way to increase prayer life!

  So, in summary for today; if we will take the time to look past the eyes and into the very soul of a person, we will most likely be able to see what their emotions are at that time, how they are feeling at that moment. Then, if they are sad we could say a cheery word to them, if they are mad we could smile sweetly - all in hopes that their day would be brightened!

Have a wonderfully blessed day, my friends!!!

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