Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where AM I Now? ~ Enter the World of Imaginations

I'll be the first to admit - I have (and always have had) a rather wild imagination.

   So much so that at times it is quite difficult to control. My imagination has always had a way of carrying me away, sometimes to places I really shouldn't be going. I know that this happens to all of us who are given vivid imaginations, but still, it doesn't have to carry us away - after all, we do have control over what we do.
   My imagination was always for me, a way to escape reality and be someone else, somewhere else, doing something(s) I have most likely never done. In other words, my imaginations do not help me at all in keeping my focus on the things of God [I mean, how can you keep your focus on the things of God when your mind is going in a bazillion different directions at once?] Basically, I used let them keep me from thinking on better, more worthwhile things.

I think the quote below relates to what I am trying to say:

   How can I be "all there" for God when part most all of my mind is in a fairy-tale? We are called to set our mind on things eternal, but I find I simply cannot do this at all when I let my imaginations go.

   Now, do not misunderstand me, I love the gift of imagination! Without imagination, the world would be a dull place indeed! Without imagination, many of the books, songs, and art that exist today could not have been produced; and no one could be a proficient actor, artist, composer, etc. 
   All I am putting forth is that, when we let ourselves get tied up in vain [worthless] imaginations, we can get into trouble.

   A while back, (some years) I remember a time span of a few weeks when I let my imagination go, and could hardly think about anything but my imaginary characters. To my shame, I was completely caught up in "another world" I had made for myself. ~ I wonder if Christ would let himself get caught up in worthless imaginations when there is always something He could do to further the kingdom of God.

   In the time I have spent fulfilling my imagination, I could have memorized many Bible verses, read tons of wholesome books, played with my young siblings, talked extensively with my Father in Heaven, helped my siblings with things they were having trouble with, and the list can go on and on! [I am totally preaching to myself here!] I can get so mad at myself for things I didn't do that I could have done! (Silly me!)

   The Father has brought to my mind 2 Corinthians 10:5 & 6 a good many times. It says, "Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled."

   I tend to believe [my opinion coming] that anything that can distract us from doing things for God, or lure us away from thinking on things that matter for eternity, is vain. Obviously, I do not mean that thinking about what to make for dinner, how many new shirts you need, and how you're going to learn algebra is wrong!
   Please understand me, my friends! These thoughts I am putting on paper are things I am attempting to make some sense of in the large puzzle I have found myself in!

   The truth, my friends, is that so much of my childhood was spent on silly little imaginations - so very much time was wasted in this way. Honestly, most of what I remember from my childhood up until I was 13 is that I was frequently soaring magnificent heights on the large wings of my very interestingly wild imagination. I cannot remember a week during those years that my imagination was not on "full alert" - and I cannot remember it ever being "at ease". 
   Why? Simply stated - Movies mostly. Books to a degree and audio books a little. It wasn't that I watched movies all the time, but rather the fact that I am the type of person with whom movies stay in the mind; long after the screen turns off. I may never be able to change that fact, but I can, I must learn to exercise full control over my fluttering imagination - always.

   I thank Adonai (the Lord) for my imagination when I can use it to write books that have purposes, and act out good, pure, godly stories, but when it gets out of hand - well, it gets out of hand! Simply put, our imagination does have the potential for being useful (as an author, actor, composer, artist, etc.) IF, and only IF it is used properly AND not allowed to just "run away" - pulling us along with it. 

   If we control our imaginations and not vice versa; instead of being continually pulled into an imaginary word that is "perfect" [because, by the way, WE created it] we will be able to use our imagination for worthwhile things in this "imperfect" world. 
   After all, Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven used their imaginations to compose songs. Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews, Kirk Cameron, and others used their imaginations to be able to act as different people in films quite well. Monet, Thomas Kinkade, and other artists like them used their imaginations to help create beautiful paintings. Martha Finley, Lois Walfrid Johnson, and other authors used their imaginations to write interesting books. {Just a few examples for you}

   As I've said before, I'm not against imagination - except when one lets it take over and go whenever & where ever it pleases - or worse, when one lets their imagination take over their precious vapor of life each of us have been given!

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