Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New AWL & Update

 Well, I've never done an "update" on my blog, but I will today.

   So, AWL has gotten a complete make-over & I am so very happy with it! I've spent a lot of time researching how to customize blogs and I finally have a blog that I customized completely (Photoshop was so generous to offer it's help)

   I know I've changed AWL's look many times since I started it, but now I don't foresee myself changing it again anytime soon. Blues and purples are my colors! ~ Finally, I have the blog exactly how I want it! Yea! [you see, pink & tan were not my colors]

   Right now, I'm trying to pick out a topic for my next article, and learn my new Nikon d5100, which I received for my 17th birthday.

   I'm very excited to have a dSLR - since I've wanted one for 7 years!

   I love photography! And I love blogging! Put them together & voila! A perfect match =)

   Thank you to all my followers! Have a blessed day!

Here is a verse for you to look up: Psalm 19:15 ~ I hope it encourages you!

   Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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