Monday, July 30, 2012

What Makes Someone the Fairest of Them All???

Recently, I watched the new movie, Mirror Mirror.

   I don't know how many of you have watched Mirror Mirror but in the film I saw some some really good truths that I'd like to expound upon. [It's refreshing when you can find good truths in movies!]

Truth #1 ~ Being Beautiful Doesn't Mean You are the Fairest of Them All
   In the movie, the Queen is beautiful, yet, she is cruel, selfish, and vain. Snow White is not as beautiful as the queen, but she is kind, brave, honest, and does what is right. True beauty comes from within.
   It reminds me of this verse: Proverbs 31: 30 - Charm can lie, beauty can vanish, but a woman who fears ADONAI [the Lord] should be praised.
   Beauty isn't everything! The "Fairest of them All" is the one who does what God wants her to do, and possesses a quiet, gentle, meek, loving spirit.
   This first truth is, I think, the greatest one in the movie. That is why I named this post as I did.

Truth #2 ~ Magic is NOT Good
   A quote from near the end of the movie is, "Are you ready to pay the price for using magic?" Throughout the movie, we see how using magic hurts others and eventually hurts the one who uses it. Magic is not something good - and it shouldn't be played with. There is no "harmless" magic.

Truth #3 ~ You Shouldn't Pretend to be Something You're Not
   In the movie, the queen goes to great [absurd] lengths to stay beautiful, and the dwarfs use stilt like things to make themselves taller. Each of them in their own way, hide something about themselves that they are either ashamed of or not satisfied with.
   No one should pretend to be someone they aren't - it will only hut them.

Truth #4 ~ There Will be a Price to Pay For Your Wrongs
   The queen learns this the hard way, as we see at the end of the film. Your sins will find you out. Not always immediately, but nevertheless, they will. God sees everything we do, and He punishes sin.
   I'd say most of us do not want to pay the price for our sins - so let this be a reminder that we'll be better off if we earnestly seek God and do right with Christ's help - because there is a price to pay.

  Now, this is NOT a movie review. Not at all. I am merely pointing out the truths that the movie displayed. Neither am I recommending Mirror Mirror in any way. I do not believe that anyone should listen to another's take on a movie and watch it because the other person said it was "good". I DO believe that it is a good idea to read a review on whatever movie you plan to watch at a Christian movie review place before you watch it.

Blessings to you!


  1. Great Input, Me and My mom will have to try that one out. :)

  2. I saw that movie and love the way you pull truths out of it! Great job!

  3. Excellent review, Mandie. :) I really liked this movie! :)