Thursday, September 27, 2012

Of Struggles & Growing

We all go through struggles....they are things we simply cannot go through life without.

   But although struggles (trials, tribulations, tests, etc.) are hard to go through, as their name implies, they are for our benefit. We would never grow in the Lord if we weren't tested. Some aren't too hard, some are rather tough, and some are so hard that through them, you come to the end of yourself and God fights for you.

   Recently, I went through a hard time. I have dealt with a particular struggle for many years and it had evolved into a stronghold for me. What my flesh wanted was SO very strong, but I knew what my carnality wanted was not what my Lord and my God wanted for me. I let the stronghold grow stronger and stronger until I felt I couldn't fight it anymore.
   My Spirit struggled against my flesh, but my flesh had become so strong that I was to the point that I knew that if I was offered what my flesh wanted, I would give in, despite the protests of my conscience and the Holy Spirit.
    When the stronghold came to the climax, I cried passionately in my room for what I wanted, wishing desperately for what I knew I couldn't have - for God wouldn't let me have it. One moment I was thinking in the flesh - one moment I was thinking in the Spirit. The battle had for sure and for certain climaxed, and I simply couldn't fight my flesh.

But, God wouldn't let me stay there...............

   A few days later, as my family and I were listening to a Bible teaching,  and one of the speaker's main points was, "Are you following after the lust of your eyes? Or following God?" I was rocked to my core, and the tears started flowing. I realized then that I had been telling myself that my struggle with the stronghold that held me was one thing, but it was really something deeper, and it was a much more critical issue that had to be solved. In reality, it was hard to face what I was really wanting, what was really holding me in "chains". 
   I hid the fact that I was crying until after the teaching was over, then I followed my mom into her room and burst into hysterical weeping. I told her everything. She and I talked for awhile, and coincidentally - no, not coincidentally, God-incidentally - my mom said she faced the same type of thing when she was younger.
   Talking with her helped, as it always does, and I felt better and more encouraged to fight it. But I knew I couldn't fight it mostly by myself as I had been doing. I knew I needed God to fight for me. To break the chains of the stronghold that held me.

   Through all of this, I had come to the end of myself, and knew that only God could help me through.

And He has!!!

   All this to say, [well, besides praising God for His goodness!] although we don't like going through the fires of struggles and the pain of overcoming strongholds through Christ, they are necessary parts of life. Without them, we wouldn't grow very strong in our faith.
   Through all trials, the Lord watches over His Children! He will never leave nor forsake you! You will not be tested more than you can bear! He is with you always!

   If your going through a tough trial, or trying to overcome a stronghold in your life right now, be encouraged! The Lord is with you! Ask His help, and believe! The Lord is a strong tower for his Children!

   I hope this post has blessed you today =) Know that I didn't write about my struggle of late for anyone to feel sorry for me - NO - but for all to see how great and mighty our God is! He rescues and He protects!

He alone can help us in our darkest hours!

Thanks for reading, & have a blessed day!

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