Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh, My Patience!

Well, the title says it all! I am not a very patient person. 

    I pray each and every night for the Lord to grow my patience. I remember the verse that says, 'Be ye anxious for nothing' - and I feel convicted. It seems that I am nearly always anxious & impatient about something (they seem to go hand-in-hand). So needless to say, patience is not yet one of my strong points.
     I know that by praying for patience that I do not just get it automatically - rather - by praying for patience, I am actually praying for daily trials that will grow my patience! That is how it is when we pray for any quality to grow within us.
     Here is a poem that I wrote on the subject ~

I Want to be Patient
Oh how I do hate my impatience so,
through it I easily let my temper go.
Woe to me if I can never quite conquer,
this weakness where I must grow stronger.

I do wish to be patient - ever so much;
my impatience can be lit by just a touch.
I pray to Adonai for patience each night,
one day, I know I will have it - not, I might!

     So, I am striving daily to overcome my impatience & replace it with Adonai's (the Lord's) patience. Our Lord is SO patient with us! If He were not patient - there would be no hope for me!

EDIT: Thanks be to HaShem through His abundant faithfulness to me - He has grown my patience through various testings, and I am ever grateful! I do not feel as though I'll be "lit by just a touch" anymore! Hallelujah!
     Now, to take to focus of this post off of ME & my patience (or lack thereof) ~ Patience is such a needed virtue, especially for young ladies who will most likely be wives and mothers one day. Trust me, as the eldest child, I know that children can try your patience! Not that that's a bad thing, because we grow in patience when it is tried.
     Many times I (going back to me again?) have to stop and remember that my young siblings are at lower maturity levels and thus are not going to do things like a young adult should - because, obviously, they are not young adults yet!
     So, I have to be patient with them, realizing that they are still quite young and need a sister that will be understanding, loving, gentle, selfless, and kind - not impatient. 
     But it isn't just with our siblings that we must be patient with - no - we must also be patient with different circumstances come our way. For example - right now, I am really trying to patiently wait for an answer to my prayers about a certain thing I wish to do. I have been waiting for a couple of months now & want to know whether or not God wants me to do this thing or not, but there is still no answer. Obviously, my Lord is trying to help me grow my patience; Toda rabba, Adoni! (Thank you very much, my Lord!).
     Patience is so key, and yet it is something that here in America, we are very short on. We have e-mail because letter writing can take a long time, tires our fingers, and can get tedious. We have Instant Messaging and Skype because e-mailing can take a while - especially if a person only checks their e-mail(s) rarely. We have microwaves (ech, they're a 'no no') & fast-food restaurants because when we want hot food we want it NOW.
     We have SO many things that were invented to save time - or in other words - to save us from having to use too much patience. Ironic, no? People trying to cut their times of waiting so that they don't have to be patient - when our God wants us to learn patience!
     I believe I will do other posts on the topic of patience later, but for now I think I have said enough ; -)

Query of the Day:
     Are you a fairly patient person or a fire hazard (easily impatient ; - )?

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