Saturday, April 7, 2012

Welcome to my blog!

     I thought that a great way to open my blog would be with a poem I wrote. I almost mirrors my exact feelings as to the goal of my blog!

Come With Me
Come with me, dearest friend,
come along with me and see;
where I am bound has no end,
there all is as meant to be.

Come with me, I'll share my heart,
with you and those who care;
though now we see only in part,
very soon we shall be there.

Come with me, learn from trials,
for through them all must go;
but with perseverance all the while,
knowing none are any great woe.

Come with me, through wind and rain,
I'll show you how we ought to live,
it will decrease your life's pain,
for ADONAI will to you life give.

Come with me, through joy and sorrow,
for all things work unto our good;
sorrow will not last every tomorrow,
for joy will take it's place as it should.

Come with me, for I am striving,
to live my whole life for ADONAI;
though I stumble, there will be a reviving,
for I will repent and penitently cry.

Come with me, my friend,
yes, do come along with me;
together we will serve to the end,
our Master, our Maker - Lord is He.

     I hope you liked my little poem! It is the third one I wrote. So please, 'Come Along With Me' as I share life lessons, character trait explanations, wonderful verses from the Bible, teachings I've watched, and much much more with you on this blog!

Query(s) of the Day:
     Do you write, or have you written, poems and/or prose? If you do, do you enjoy it? And what did you think of my poem?


  1. Hi,
    Yes, I have written poems before!
    Thank you for setting up this blog!
    I like your poem a lot.


  2. Hi Mandie,

    I love writing poems all about my relationship with Jesus!
    Your poem was very beautiful by the way!

    1. Thank you! I have a great time writing poems & prose - especially about spiritual matters =)